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Our GoalSymphony Suites EMR™ was developed to provide physicians with a secure and affordable means of moving into the next phase of physician practice and documentation – the electronic medical record. Symphony Suites EMR™ was designed for compliance with governmental ‘charting’ requirements, while affording physicians and staff a simple and easy application to use. Our goal was to provide a means to securely access necessary patient documentation, while endeavoring to give physicians and staff more time and less work in meeting these requirements.
Why choose usThe I-Medicus, Inc. team is composed of individuals with over 20 years of experience in medical record keeping, programming and design, group practice formulation, and Federal and State documentation requirements. We are devoted to making a positive change in the healthcare field. We strive to provide a means for physicians to maximize their full potential as providers and to effect better information and data gathering for medical practices, patients, and other ancillary entities.

Recognizing current physician needs and soon-to-be requirements, we collaborated to design Symphony Suites EMR™. Our primary focus was to provide an all-encompassing electronic system that would harmoniously streamline the various aspects of medical practices. We placed an emphasis on accuracy, reliability and security of patients’ records while avoiding redundant data. Saving time and money, as well as alleviating the need to be in the office to accomplish medical decisions and requirements was also a part of our primary focus. And we believe we have achieved all of these goals through Symphony Suites EMR™.

We invite you to discover for yourself how Symphony Suites EMR™ could benefit your medical practice.

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